Quality standard

When working with livestock, we understand that the hatchery performance highly depends on the quality of the eggs and day old chicks: The better the quality, the higher the outcome and turnover. That is why we supply broiler and layer day old chicks and hatching eggs that are bred at carefully selected hatcheries. All of the hatcheries we work with are committed to provide premium healthy and sanitary chicks.samenwerken zijn toegewijd om de klant te voorzien van een gezond eindproduct.

Hatching eggs & Day old chicks

Torsius Trading is a worldwide supplier of the top brands in poultry genetics. With our product range, we serve customers in both the layer and meat production industry. During the entire transport, climate conditions are kept optimal. To maintain hatching potential as much as possible in the case of hatching eggs or to deliver a healthy day old chick to our customers around the world.