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For more than 60 years, the Dutch Torsius family company has been a household name when it comes to hatching strong and vital Cobb breeder poultry. Based on our years of breeding experience, we founded Hatchcon in 1999, next to the Torsius hatchery. Now, with Torsius Trading, we also supply quality eggs and day old chicks.

From the hatchery to support at all stages of the breeding process, we are happy to be of service to you and to assist you with your decision making processes!

Then and now

Torsius Trading sprouted from Broederij Torsius, a family-run hatchery that was founded in 1953. Over the years, Broederij Torsius gained a wealth of experience and dedicated itself to the hatch of strong and healthy parent stock. Nowadays, we we are an international supplier of both layer and broiler hatching eggs and chicks. The beauty of our business is that by sharing our passion, we can contribute to the growth of other businesses. Excellence and practical experience are at the core of our business.

Around the world

Over the years we have become a trusted partner of many hatcheries around the world. We love to share our passion for poultry, help solve problems and offer value for money. But most of all, we enjoy teaming up with our customers, because working together always leads to the best results. The pinpoints indicate some of the places that we have worked at. Wherever you may be, we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.